This blog was born from two “hotheads” who decided to talk openly about their experiences abroad, with the hope that these can be of inspiration and helpful for you too.

We are not here to try to convince you to leave if you don’t want to, we are here to encourage and spur those who would like to, but, for one reason or another, have not yet succeeded.

As you already know or have guessed, we are a couple, now for more than 4 years.

Nevertheless, we left Italy at two different times. Jacopo left for England in July 2020, Beatrice a little later in September. This is because we hadn’t planned to leave together, as we both wanted to move to our “dream place”, which, unfortunately, wasn’t the same.

We didn’t want our relationship to get in the way of our personal choices, on the contrary: we wanted it to be a stepping stone to all the life experiences we wanted. After all, if our relationship was meant to last, it would have done so regardless, even living in two different places.

But then life got in the way, or Covid for short, and turned all of our plans upside down. We both found ourselves in England (although in two different cities, but that’s another great story we’ll tell you about in the future!) 2 months apart, ready to live our first real experience abroad.

So, even though we were happy together, even though we had a nice group of friends, we wanted to follow our dreams and goals, but they didn’t always match. We didn’t stop, we both did what we could to get where we wanted to go, supporting each other along the way.

This is to tell you that if you want to leave, change your life and live an experience abroad, don’t let anyone stop you. Friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, family…those who love you will understand and support you and, even if at the beginning it might not seem so, you will see that sooner or later everything will be fine, guaranteed!

We are not saying that you should give a damn and tell everyone and everything to go to hell, nor that leaving habits, known places, personal affections to create new ones is easy. It is not easy to explain in a few lines what we intend to convey with this blog, we can only do it by writing articles on articles.

However, we can assure you right now that if your desire, or only idea for the moment, is to make an experience abroad, more or less long, reading us you will probably have an extra push.

In addition, we feel like telling you that everything will be paid off, it just takes a little courage! After all, once you’ve bought your one-way ticket then it’s done, you’re off!


Ciao, siamo Beatrice e Jacopo, due ragazzi con la passione per i viaggi e la voglia di scoprire il mondo!


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