Leaving for abroad is not always right or always wrong. This is a truth that we also know well, although we opened this blog to encourage people to leave and we have gained more advantages than disadvantages from our experience abroad.

Leaving one’s home and one’s affections and going away, even for a limited period of time, is not easy and, above all, it is not for everyone.

Aware of this, we got curious and wanted to try to understand if you felt the same way. Some time ago, therefore, through our Instagram page we proposed you a survey. The first question was simple and straightforward: “Would you like to get work experience abroad?”

Out of 23 people who responded, only two said no.

We then turned instead to the 21 people who had said they were interested in a work experience abroad, trying to understand if they were really willing to leave. Well this time the number of people who answered “yes” again was reduced to 11.

This can make you understand that we weren’t talking nonsense when, at the beginning of this article, we told you that leaving abroad is not for everyone.

Not content, we then went to investigate some of those who had participated and got to know them a little better. Some of those who had answered “yes” explained that they would not be willing to move abroad forever, that they would not want to leave Italy, but, if it were to live

an internship, an Erasmus or an experience related to their dream job, they would still be willing to leave for a limited period of time. Others simply replied that they would be willing to leave, no matter how long they had to stay away from home.

As you may have guessed, these people are our “target audience”, i.e. those to whom we really address ourselves, as well as those who may find this blog useful and interesting. People who have a dream, more or less powerful, that they would like to realize by making an experience abroad, of any kind.

No one is saying that you should stay in a foreign country for years, or that instead you should limit your experience and return home after a short time. What we are saying is that it is okay to live your own life and not let anyone hold you back.

Would you really like to live a different experience, to have the opportunity to grow, both professionally and character-wise, to manage on your own in different situations and to improve, or learn, the language? Leave and don’t look back!

You are not happy where you are and you feel that you would like to build a life elsewhere, or at least you would like to first “browse” around the world to see if there is a place where you would be truly happy? Take off and don’t look back!

Today’s society has educated us to sacrifice, to the mental condition according to which this is your life and you cannot change it: no! If you don’t like your life you can always change it!

You will find the one who loves you where you left him, or even better, you will find him next to you in the airplane seat!

Give yourself this chance and don’t put off the decision until tomorrow just because you’re afraid of the consequences or the fact that you wouldn’t even know where to start. There are endless ways nowadays to get informed!

For example, do you want to do an Erasmus or internship? Your university will have all the answers. Do you want to leave simply as we did? You can read our advice, write to us, get information on reliable websites or find someone who has already left (you will find thousands of these people!).

Leave alone, leave together with someone, but leave, because experiences like this you will not easily forget. We don’t want to tell you obvious things like “it will be worth it”… But believe us that it will really be worth it!

Step away from your comfort zone for a second, maybe you’ll find that you’re comfortable outside of it and you’ll be able to color your life differently and feel fully satisfied with it. If not, at best you will have had an experience that has helped you grow and will enrich your CV.

Now back to our survey.

Between the first and second question, 6 people out of 23 in all answered that they would not be willing to leave for abroad. This brings us back to the initial speech, leaving for abroad is not always right or always wrong, and that’s perfectly fine.

Everyone does what they like best and chooses the life that feels most like their own.

Who are we to say that it’s wrong to stay at home? It’s true: our blog is founded on the assumption that experiences abroad are important, but have you ever heard us say that those who don’t do any are wrong? Absolutely not.

Your life plan can be literally anything, the only thing that matters is that it’s yours. Not your parents’, not your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s, your employer’s or a socially acceptable common thought. Solely and uniquely yours, to hell with the rest.

In conclusion, then, we say you don’t have to ask yourself whether it’s better to get an experience abroad or not. The real question you have to ask yourself is: am I satisfied and happy with what I’m doing?

Answer yes? Very good, keep it up! Not feeling satisfied? Then roll up your sleeves and do something about it. We haven’t done anything wrong to live a life we don’t want!

How do you feel then? Would you like to leave or are you fine where you are?

Tell us in the comments here or on our social pages!


Ciao, siamo Beatrice e Jacopo, due ragazzi con la passione per i viaggi e la voglia di scoprire il mondo!


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