Hi guys!

We are Beatrice&Jacopo, two guys who love to travel and discover the world. In this blog we talk about our experiences abroad, hoping that they can be of help and inspiration to those who would like to leave, but for one reason or another, still find themselves in their comfort zone.

“Keep both eyes open” represents our personal way of seeing the world, which does not deserve to be looked at with only one eye open. In order to be able to grasp all its beauties, peculiarities and differences, with both eyes open you are able to go further and not just stop at appearances.

So, welcome to our passport of experiences!

In this section you will find all our articles written in English, so that you too can participate in our journey together.

What do I say to my friends when they ask, “When are you coming back?”

“When are you coming back?” A seemingly simple question, but one that is sometimes not at all easy to answer. The first time I left Italy was September 2020 and now I’m on my second work experience abroad. In both cases, after a couple of months I started to get that fateful question. I miss … Continua a leggere What do I say to my friends when they ask, “When are you coming back?”

Jacopo, nice to meet you!

Hi! As you read from the title, my name is Jacopo and I’m really happy to meet you. Introducing and talking about yourself is always super hard, at least for me. I could write article after article about any topic, after getting the right information, but if I have to write about myself, here comes … Continua a leggere Jacopo, nice to meet you!

Passport, please

This blog was born from two “hotheads” who decided to talk openly about their experiences abroad, with the hope that these can be of inspiration and helpful for you too. We are not here to try to convince you to leave if you don’t want to, we are here to encourage and spur those who … Continua a leggere Passport, please